How to Not Cause a House Fire With Your Grill

Summer fun and fire safety go together like hot dogs and Brewers Secret Stadium Sauce. Seriously! And especially this year.

Because we all know that summer 2021 is going to be different. We can feel it. Everyone is itching to make up for lost time and get together with friends and family (safely, of course). So, before charging full-steam-ahead into summer activities, review our tips to make sure your home and family stay safe when it comes to your grill. Yes, you read that right: your grill. Keep those flames contained and your home protected so you can focus on enjoying your BBQ, not on putting out a house fire.

Prepare your grill

Check out your grill ahead of time. Clean it up, inspect all attachments, and empty out any drip pans. 

Location, location, location

Assess the area your grill is in. Keep it away from your home in an open area, away from tree branches or roof overhangs. It is also important to keep a fire extinguisher on hand to be prepared and give you and your guest peace of mind. 

Wait til it cools

After cooking your food, allow time for your grill to cool down. If you have a grill cover, wait a few hours before putting it back on. Using a charcoal grill? Never put your hot or used coals back in the bag. We have seen many house fires start from this simple mistake.  

Keep calm and call Kelmann

The weather is to be gearing up to be a hot summer, and with that comes outdoor get togethers, great food, and good times. Before making your guest list and running to the store for food, make sure your grill and safety equipment are ready to go (and keep these other summer safety tips in mind, too).

Sometimes, disasters happen no matter how prepared we are. That’s when it’s time to keep calm and call Kelmann. Our award-winning fire restoration team will be on site any day, any time, whenever you need us, ready to serve you and your family. 

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