5 Common Causes of Water Damage in Your Milwaukee Home

5 common causes of water damage in your milwaukee home

Your home is an investment worth protecting. So, before an unexpected leak can occur, you’ll need some tips you can proactively use to prevent water damage in the first place. Water overflow can potentially cause serious damage if not addressed right away. ​​The worst thing about water damage is that it can happen at any time. The good news is that the majority of water damage can be prevented with the right knowledge. You just need to know what to expect and where to look.

Here are 5 common causes of water damage, as well as tips to help you spot signs of water damage early:

1. Plumbing Issues

Plumbing systems, especially in older homes, are susceptible to stoppages and damage. Pipes and fittings can leak simply due to old age and corrosion. Additionally, they can burst completely when frozen or if poorly installed. The problem with these leaks is that they aren’t always immediately noticeable. 

Be on the lookout for signs of moisture, rusting, cracking, and bulging on your ceiling or floors. Even a minor dripping leak can lead to substantial water damage over time. Therefore, you should also be aware of dripping faucets, leaking or overflowing toilets, and potential leaks around your tub and shower.

2. Worn Out or Faulty Household Appliances

Washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, and dishwashers are all susceptible to deterioration. Refrigerators may have a clogged pipe or leaking defrost pan that needs to be addressed. Your dishwasher could leave an unwelcome puddle on your kitchen floor if it has worn gaskets, a broken door, or a clogged drain.

If any of the appliances in your home have a supply hose that is damaged or has a faulty connection to the wall, they can quickly flood the room. You can prevent water damage by replacing your washing machine supply hose at least once every five years and avoiding overloading it with too many clothes. You should also look out for telltale signs that your water heater is getting old, and replace it accordingly.

3. Inclement Weather

Another common cause of water damage is weather-related issues due to adverse weather conditions. Inclement weather conditions could be anything from excessive rainfall that causes flooding to extreme snow. Although you don’t have any control over Mother Nature, you can take preventative measures to minimize its effect on your home.

Installing barriers and storing sensitive files and electronics at a higher level are all things you can do to keep any damage minimal. You’ll also want to make sure that your rain gutters, downspouts, and outside drainage are clean. You should also check doors and windows to ensure that your caulking or sealing isn’t cracked or damaged.

4. Sump Pump

You can consider a sump pump your home’s last line of defense in the event of rising groundwater or interior flooding. They are usually located in the basement or crawl space. If your sump pump stops working, you could have a major flood in your basement. Keep your sump pump working optimally by ensuring it is standing upright. You’ll also want to check that the vent hole in the discharge pipe is clear. The outlet pipes should be tightly secure so that the water properly drains out at least 6 feet away from your location.

5. Sewage Backups

In most cases, backed-up sewer lines are caused by heavy rainfall or a blockage. Sewage can back up into your home through floor drains, toilets, and sinks. You’ll want to address this issue right away as this can quickly spread dangerous contaminants that create a very unhealthy environment. Sewage backup and flooding should always be taken care of by certified professionals.

Preventing water damage may be hard, but it’s not impossible. Calling a professional for regular maintenance is the first step in preventing water damage to your home. But if the leakage is extensive, you’ll need to call emergency mitigation services to ensure that the water flow is stopped and the damage is contained.

Kelmann is Milwaukee’s Water Damage Restoration Expert

It can be difficult to guard against all the causes of water damage in the home even when taking precautions. When disaster strikes, you can help alleviate these issues by calling the water damage restoration experts at Kelman Restoration. Our cleanup and restoration teams have seen it all here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you’re interested in a home remodel or disaster services, we are committed to providing you with the high-quality service you deserve.

Contact Kelmann Restoration today to learn more about how we can help!

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